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To get the most out of your workout it’s important to be both comfortable and confident.

No one wants to spend an hour running in clothing that’s too tight in all the wrong places or sticks out like a sore thumb. It hurts your motivation and prevents you from achieving your best results.

Not to worry, Verbe have you covered! With a range of styles available, there are activewear options perfect for your workout.


Activewear for Yoga

Alongside stretching, breath control is an intrinsic part of Yoga. Your choice of clothing needs to accommodate this. It needs to be flexible enough for you to take each position and comfortable enough to allow not just your lungs to breathe but your skin too.

Especially with yoga’s more vigorous forms, you’re going to sweat. If your choice of clothing doesn’t allow your skin to breathe or retains moisture, you may find yourself getting uncomfortably sweaty!

Let’s start from the top. Your gym t-shirts, tank tops, and sports bras. If your choice is loose or baggy, you may find it getting in the way of your movement or otherwise being a distraction. We recommend form-fitting and supportive sports bras. Verbe’s sports bras are flattering, flexible and most importantly comfortable. Letting you just focus on the next position.

When it comes to selecting bottom choices, many people choose running shorts, gym leggings or pants. At Verbe, our gym leggings are made from a high-performance and stretchy fabric which is well-suited for the diverse movements needed during Yoga poses.


Activewear for Running

Your running outfit may vary for several reasons: where you’re running, the season or weather. There are, however, some common needs. You need a great fit, the freedom to move your legs, proper support for your body and to be protected from your environment.

When running outdoors, we recommend wearing a windbreaker jacket, it provides lightweight protection from the sun, wind and rain while you’re out and about, making it a perfect option throughout the seasons.

For upper wear, if not paired with a windbreaker jacket, we recommend a gym t-shirt for the more complete coverage to better shield your skin from the sun. If paired with a windbreaker jacket, indoors, or any other environment that suits it sports bras are perfect alternatives.

The choice between running shorts and gym leggings is up to you. Running shorts provide maximum flexibility and comfort when running, great for warmer months. The extra coverage leggings provide makes them great in colder weather and for taking a coffee break with friends. We recommend running shorts in summer and gym leggings in the colder months.


Activewear for Weight Training

Proper form and full, (or near full) extensions are hallmarks of weight training. By following proper form and extension guidance for their chosen exercises, weightlifters reduce the risk of injury and maximise the effect of the exercise. Clothing that hinders a weightlifter’s form or prevents extension is not suitable for the activity.

On the other hand, light and flexible activewear is ideal for weight training. Its non-obstructive, and form-fitting options help you show off the fruits of your labour. 

At Verbe, we recommend our gym t-shirts or sports bras for weight training. They’re flexible, moisture wicking and come in a variety of styles. Our range of gym t-shirts include sleeveless, form-fitting and boxy styles. Perfect options for whichever fit you prefer. 

We can safely recommend any of our running shorts or gym leggings that are squat-proof for weight training. No matter which option you choose, you can be confident that your Verbe bottoms will be up to the task.

Verbe activewear is designed for all activities, making them the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.